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Forklift Tyre Price

We manufacturer forklift tyres, Non-Marking, Heat & Oil Resistant, Velox Cushion Tyres and Velox Press-on Tyres from Bangalore, India. Our adept professional team can assist you to settle on the proper tyre; whether it’s the Forklift tyre Price, performance, economy or a mixture of those properties.

Previously, forklifts were simple machines and selecting tyres was easy. Today’s forklifts are more complex and advanced. They will lift larger loads, travel at higher speeds and canopy greater distances. In response, the market has developed a classy range of specialist tyres.

Forklift Tyre price at Velox Tyres, will delight our customers as the high-quality forklift and industrial tyres are made available at a competitive price.

Our range of forklift tyres is strong designed to supply maximum performance and longer durability for current demanding forklift applications.

Optimum fitted to the vehicles drive and steer positions with an important duty sidewall to guard against abrasions, punctures and lateral blows.

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