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Solid Tyre Dealers

Velox Tyres Pvt Ltd is a leading entity of Solid Tyre Dealers in the India. We are have already reached countries like Nigeria, Algeria, South Africa, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Portugal etc.

Our core strength lies in our ROBUST, RESILIENT, RELIABLE team which continuously innovates to develop, expand and improve, the first impression approach for all our global customers. Our Robust design provides unique solutions for all challenges and opportunities in your industry - from a full range of tyres: Non-Marking Tyres, Heat & Oil Resistant Tyres, Cushion Tyres, Pneumatic Tyres. Smooth and Press-on Tyres - for every application and operating environment.

We have a wide range of portfolio of Solid tyres that serves the needs of Material Handling, Industrial, reach truck Equipment, Construction & Mining, Heavy Industry, Airports and pellet Trucks, which offers our clients the unique advantage of buying all their Solid tyres at a single place.

Our business model, reliable product, better customer service, and enduring loyalty to our clients make Velox the preferred Solid Tyre Dealers for customers worldwide.

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